for physical, emotional and mental wellness. 

"Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of nature that most people are not aware of. Miracles do not break the laws of nature, they are actually based on them."

- Master Choa Kok Sui


Experience physical, emotional and mental wellness with Pranic Healing. A safe, no-touch, no-drug, energy therapy, Pranic Healing has been proven effective in healing migraines, gastric issues, heart conditions, respiratory conditions, hypertension, stress, depression and more.

It does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment, but in fact complements it, to aid faster healing. Medical treatments heal the physical body. Pranic Healing heals the energy body and correspondingly the physical body.

A healing session will take around 45- 60 minutes and may include the Meditation On Twin Hearts if required. All client details are maintained in the strictest confidentiality and your session is a safe space for you to discuss and work on your healing goals. 

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Pranic Healing Session
Crystal Pranic Healing Session

$80 for a single session.
$720 for a 12 session sign-up.

(Appointments will be thrice a week for 4 consecutive weeks)

$100 per session