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Courses about Healing

•    Pranic Healing

•    Advanced Pranic Healing
•    Pranic Psychotherapy
•    Pranic Crystal Healing
•    Pranic Psychic Self Defense
•    Super Brain Yoga
•    Pranic Face Lift and Body Sculpting

Gold Blush

Courses about Abundance & Success

•    Kriyashakti
•    Pranic Feng Shui
•    Spiritual Business Management


Courses about Spirituality



•    Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

•    Arhatic Yoga

•    Spiritual Essence of Man

•    Universal & Kabalistic Meditation on Lord's Prayer

•    Higher Clairvoyance

•    Arhatic Sexual Alchemy

•    Inner Teachings of Buddhism Revealed

•    Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed

•    Om Mani Padme Hum


More details on each course and the pre-requisites can be found at

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South Australia

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