Pranic Healing Introductory &  Nurturing Sessions

Want to know how Pranic Healing can change energies ? Or want more practice for the techniques that you learnt at the Pranic Healing Course?

Register with us for introductory / nurturing sessions about the practical applications of Pranic Healing. Meditation On Twin Hearts included in the session.

We also conduct Pranic Healing introductory sessions and courses for corporates and educational institutes.  Use the email button to let us know your energy harmonising needs. The Pranic Healing Course can empower your team to move as one!


Check out our upcoming orientation session below! Special session for parents and children together. Pranic Healing techniques can foster better relations and bring about individual inner peace. It is applicable in all areas of work and study - for individuals, families as well as community wellness. Learn how techniques of energy healing, forgiveness and the Meditation On Twin Hearts, bring down the power of spiritual energy, into your family life, to recharge it with bonding and respect! Are you looking to bridge the relationship with your parents/children? Understanding the energies that influence and direct a relationship, helps us steer out from the storm into the calm. Get your children (or your parents) and experience the connection strengthen. Register now for the orientation session using the icon alongside.



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