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Pranic Healing Introductory &  Nurturing Sessions

Want to know how Pranic Healing can change energies ? Or want more practice for the techniques that you learnt at the Pranic Healing Course?

Register with us for introductory / nurturing sessions about the practical applications of Pranic Healing. Meditation On Twin Hearts included in the session.

We also conduct Pranic Healing introductory sessions and courses for corporates and educational institutes.  Use the email button to let us know your energy harmonising needs. The Pranic Healing Course can empower your team to move as one!


Check out our upcoming orientation session below!


Would you like to know about your energy body and how it plays a BIG role in your emotional state, thoughts and actions? Your relationships, physical health, professional success and even your finances are determined by the state of your chakras.

Whether you are a parent, a professional, a homemaker, an entrepreneur or even an energy healer, this knowledge of chakras will fit right in your Life tool kit.


Book your seat at the free introductory session by Ujwala, to get your chakras geared up for

March 25th, 2023 at Hunab Ku Healing & Meditation Gallery


Register now for the orientation session using the icon alongside.



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