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Welcome to the world of

Pranic Healing in South Australia!

Understand prana and its limitless possibilities. 

You can heal your life – Now !

What does the word “Prana or Energy” mean to you? Are you aware that you can manage it in your life?
Do you constantly feel a need to ‘catch up’ on everything?

Is the prospect of a To-Do list, daunting even as you wake up?

Are you affected by certain spaces and the company of certain people?

Do you go to bed reminiscing all those unpleasant occurrences in your life, wishing for a better day tomorrow?

Have you or your loved ones been facing a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellness challenge?
Well, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you have most certainly experienced the energy that flows within and around, all of us. 'Prana' - the life energy we carry around with us, can be a precursor to our growth and success, or our desperation.
Master Choa Kok Sui says “Life Energy or Prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy.”
With systematic and structured techniques, that harness and harmonize these life energies, Pranic Healing can be the gateway to your healing journey. Find your path to happiness and success with a healed mind and body.
Whether you wish to opt for healing sessions, or learn the techniques to heal yourself and others; an open discerning mind  and  a non-fanatical attitude are the only pre-requisites. Pranic Healing works complementary to conventional medical diagosis and is not intended to replace it. Healing the physical and energy body simultaneously, aids in rapid and sustained healing.  

Kind Words

From those who experienced the miracles of Pranic Healing

Leanne Young, Adelaide: "I joined a Tuesday night meditation group because it’s very local to me, it’s a guided meditation that make me feel fantastic afterwards, I recommend to anybody interested, even beginners. I have also had the pleasure of healing sessions from Ujwala, a skin lesion I’ve had for years is nothing more than a small bump! The power of Pranic Healing is amazing.Thank you!"                                             


Pooja Paul, India: "I am extremely thankful to Ujwala ma'am for the distance healing she did for me. I was suffering from several health issues since few months now. The medicines were not working the way they should. I was very disappointed. But, after she asked me to start with forgiveness and the healings she did for me, I started feeling much better. I started believing in Miracles through Pranic Healing."

Nirmala Asundi, India: "A big thank you to Ujwala who has healed me a number of times with my health. Recently severe lower back pain and shoulder pain gripped me such that I couldn't even sit down on the sofa, nor get up from it. I am a senior citizen in my 70's and I couldn't sleep due to the pain. I had no access to physiotherapy or my orthopedic doctor, due to the widespread coronavirus incidents in Mumbai. Helpless and suffering for almost a week, I tried pain killers that my cardiologist prescribed, but with only temporary relief for a few hours. I experienced the side effects too like acidity, gas and restlessness. It was painful to do simple actions like comb my hair or do any housework too. Once she started the healings, I felt relief and a constant decrease in the pain levels on a daily basis. I did complete the painkiller course prescribed, as Ujwala advised me; and that along with meditation and her healings together reduced my side effects. By the end of one week of pranic healings, I was fine again, the pain had reduced considerably for me to do go about my day normally without too much pain. Thank you Ujwala."  

Kat, Adelaide: "Having witnessed the profound and positive effect that Pranic Healing and Twin Hearts Meditation has had in my own life, I requested a healing for my elderly parents. Both parents have chronic respiratory conditions (asthma & bronchiectasis) which had recently been aggravated by infection and inflammation. Well, the contrast in their health before and after the healings was stark! I was so relieved to have them up and out of bed again and to see them enjoy a renewed energy. To hear my mum say her breathing felt the best it had all year, was an absolute delight. THANK YOU !! I really wish for others to come and experience the power of Pranic Healing."  

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